8 Meter Cubic

Concrete mixer truck 8m3 is a vehicle specially used to transport concrete for construction. All the concrete mixer trucks are equipped with a mixing drum which keeps mixing the concrete during transportation to prevent solidification.
Users should clean the interior of the mixing drum after using it, because sclerous concrete makes the volume of mixing drum smaller and smaller.
The concrete mixer truck is fitted with a diesel 4-stroke direct injection engine which produces little greenhouse gases and minimal black smoke emissions.

Mass Parameters Total Weight (kg) 25000
Volume (Meter Cubic) 8
Size Parameters Overall Dimensions (mm) Length 8204
Width 2496
Height 3850
Distance between Axles (mm) 3200+1400
Performance Parameters Max. Driving Speed (km/h) 102
Economic Speed (km/h) 70
Recommended Configuration Engine WD615
Gearbox HW13710
Rear Axle HC16
Oil Tank (L) 200
Suspension (front/rear spring) 10/12
Tire 12.00-20

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