AC16 Double Reduction Drive Axle

Model AC16 (single axle) AC16 (double axle)
Form Central reduction + Hub reduction, Cast axle housing
Rated Axle Load (kg) 16000 2×16000
Velocity Ratio 4.77/5.45/6.5
Distance between the Centers of Leaf Spring Seats (mm) 1010 1020
Distance between Tires (mm) 1850 1850
Input Flange φ180 Transverse tooth φ180 Transverse tooth
Differential Locking Device Between tires Between axles or tires
Brake Drum type φ420×220
Weight (excluding lubricating oil) (kg) 825 Intermediate: 927/ Rear: 825
Wheel Installation Method Rim Center Positioning, Wheel bolt 10-M22×1.5, Distribution circle φ335
Max. Rim Size (inch) 20 20
Lubricating Oil GL5 85W-90

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