Cement Tanker Semi Trailer

The bulk cement semi trailer, also known as powder material truck, is suitable for the bulk transport of cement, coal ash, lime powder, mineral powder, caustic soda, and other dry powder materials with the particle diameter no more than 0.1mm. Capable of saving a lot of packaging materials and handling labor, it is mainly used in cement factories, cement warehouses, and large construction sites.
The tank of the bulk cement semi trailer mainly consists of barrel, fluidized bed, discharge pipe assembly, intake pipe, and other accessories. There are two or three feed ports at the top of the tank. The front and rear air chambers are set with one intake pipe respectively. Simultaneous open and separate control can be realized respectively through the ball valve.
Power taken out from the vehicle gearbox drives the air compressor through the transmission device. The compressed air goes into the air chamber through the control pipeline and makes the powder material inside the tank fluidize. When the pressure reaches 0.196Mpa, the discharge butterfly valve is opened to realize discharge.

Type Bulk cement semi trailer
Gross weight 10 tons
Outside size 10260*2500*3950(mm)
Loading capacity 50T or others
Compressor 10m³ or other size tank
Tank body 6mm thickness steel
Forehead and back head 6mm thickness steel
Axle weight 13T 3axles or others
Tire 12.00R22.5 12pieces or others
Rim 8.5-20 12pieces or others
Suspension Mechanical suspension or air suspension or others
Leaf spring 10 pieces
Kingpin JOST brand 50#(2.0”)bolts type or other sizes
Landing gear JOST D200T
Main beam Height :500mm upper plate is 14mm.middle plate is 8mm.down plate is 16mm.Q345 steel.side beam 16#channel steel
Platform 3mm diamond Q235 steel plate
Brake chamber 4 double and 2single chambers
Light LED light
Voltage 24V
Receptacle 7 ways(7wire harness)
Tool box One piece 1m*0.5m*0.5m

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