14 Meter Cubic

The 14 Meter Cubic transit mixer truck adopts the imported concrete mixer technology. It has features of uniform mixing, fast discharge, low residual rate, etc. The maxing tank is made of special wear-resistant alloy steel. All mixing blades are formed by mold pressing, ensuing accurate helix angle and helix pitch and realizing three-dimensional stirring. It integrates the advantages of similar domestic and foreign products of different brands. It is further optimized. The whole mixing tank is ... Read More

12 Meter Cubic

Concrete mixer truck or cement truck is mainly used in transporting concrete for concrete batching plants. It is mainly made of chassis, agitator, pressure gauge, intelligent controller, transmission or drive system, water supply device, etc. Among this, four units such as chassis, agitator, drive system, water supply device are imported from other countries due to several technical bottlenecks. The combination of front end of mixing drum and reduction box is installed on the front part of shel... Read More

10 Meter Cubic

Concrete mixer truck is a vehicle specially designed for the transportation of concrete for construction. Motive power is produced by the power takeoff then passed to the hydraulic pump. The hydraulic pump produces hydraulic energy which is transmitted to hydraulic motor for conversion into kinetic energy. This energy is then transferred to the mixing drum through the effect of decelerating the speed of rotation. Users can adjust the angle of the hydraulic pump servo handle to control the rotat... Read More

8 Meter Cubic

Concrete mixer truck 8m3 is a vehicle specially used to transport concrete for construction. All the concrete mixer trucks are equipped with a mixing drum which keeps mixing the concrete during transportation to prevent solidification.Users should clean the interior of the mixing drum after using it, because sclerous concrete makes the volume of mixing drum smaller and smaller.The concrete mixer truck is fitted with a diesel 4-stroke direct injection engine which produces little greenhouse gases... Read More