Side Dump Semi Trailer

The side dump semi trailer has a dumping box that allows loose materials to be dumped from the side. It is often used to efficiently transport sands, small stones, and other building materials,High-strength, cold-rolled plates are used to construct the dumping box, resulting in light weight. The plates have been through pickling and benderizing to improve the adhesion of painting to the plate surface.The trailer main beam and the longitudinal beam of the dumping box have been sent through submer... Read More

Rear Dump Semi Trailer

The rear dumping semi trailer is very efficient at transporting and unloading coals, limestone, sands, and other loose materials in bulk. CAD software is used to optimize the structure of the whole trailer. FEA method is adopted in design and development of the trailer chassis. This scientific semi trailer design allows the trailer to have reduced weight while carrying the same load as an ordinary rear dumping unit. The dumping box is made of high-strength, cold rolled corrugated plates.... Read More