3 Axles Flatbed Semi Trailer

3 Axles Flatbed Semi Trailer has a key role to play in the multimodal transport system. Various shipment options, including sea, air, road, and rail transportations, require the use of a flatbed trailer. The vehicle is also commonly seen in the ports and tunnels, on the bridges, and at the interchange stations.Upon your request, we can add removable side rails and posts to the semi trailer to make loading and unload easier than before. In addition, the trailer can be uncoupled easily from one …Read More

2 Axles Flatbed Semi Trailer

The 2 Axles Flatbed Semi Trailer is a specialized transport for all kinds of containers. You can use it to carry one 40inch cargo container, two 20inch containers, or one 20inch container at one time. In such cases, users need to change the number of locks needed for the specific applications.True to its name, the 2 Axles Flatbed Semi Trailer includes a 3mm thick flat platform that is made of checkered plates. Ridges on the flatbed create more friction, thus making it slip-resistant….Read More