10 Meter Cubic

10 Meter Cubic fuel tanker truck is unique in its tank body. Thanks to the double-side sand blasting technology, both oxide coating and rust can be removed from the steel plate of tank body. Also, the stress of steel materials is eliminated, and the adhesive force of paint film is obviously enhanced. Then, high quality of both vehicle welding and paint spraying can be achieved.

Our tank body has gone through a CNC automatic welding process. It is designed with longitudinal seams, featuring reliable welding quality and nice appearance. The paint on surface of tank body employs the stoving varnish technique, which provides high brightness and attractive appearance. The closed head of tank possesses arc-shaped structure. It is formed by CNC automatic edge-spinning machine, thus offering nice shape and high strength.

Dimension(Lx W xH)(unloaded)(mm) 8830×2496×3420
Tanker size  10m³
Approaching angle/Departure angle(°)(°) 16 /11
Overhang(front/rear) (mm) 1500/2730
Wheel base (mm) 4600
Max speed(km/h)(km/h) 95
Curb weight(kg) 8300
Engine(Steyr technology, made in China) Model  WD615.62
  Fuel type     Diesel  
  Power, max(kw/rpm) 266
  Emission  EUROII
Transmission  Model HW13710
Brake system Service brake Dual circuit compressed air brake 
  Parking brake spring energy, compressed air operating on rear wheels 
Tire  11.00-20

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