Manganese Steel Tank Semi Trailer

High-quality manganese steel is used to construct the tank. The tank chamber is separated into several sections by upright walls, or partition walls. These walls prevent the formation of petrol wave when the tank trailer is driving on a bumpy road. At the lower end of the wall, through holes are drilled to reduce the impact and enhance the tank strength.Combination lids are set on the top of the tank. They comprise of two lids, with the self-locking smaller one sits on the larger one. A breather... Read More

Stainless Steel Tank Semi Trailer

Stainless Steel Tank Semi Trailer is much more resistant to corrosion in comparison to ordinary steel. It remains an attractive alternative for utilizing in any industry that uses corrosive materials. These materials can account for wear and tear through ordinary tanks in a short interlude. Stainless steel tanks are very durable, and they offer a relatively high resistance against rough materials. They will last longer than an ordinary tank, and are not affected by any vulnerability. ... Read More

Aluminum Tank Semi Trailer

Aluminum alloy weights less than 35% of the traditional carbon steel. Tankers made by aluminum alloy have advantages such as light and low center of gravity. Light weight tanker can provide high economic benefit and become the industrial trend because it can transfer the spared weight into transport capacity.There are many significant advantages offered by Closed Loading System, such as fire prevention, spill prevention, higher operation safety, vapor recovery, avoidance of product contamination... Read More