Dump truck

Dump truck, also known as tipper lorry, is made up of an automotive chassis, hydraulic lifting mechanism, loading body, power take-off and other parts. This vehicle can discharge goods independently through a hydraulic lifting mechanism or by mechanical lifting. In order to discharge the goods, the truck body can automatically tip to a certain angle. This saves the discharging time, minimized the labor force required, shortens the transporting cycle, improves the productivity, and reduces the transportation costs.... Read More

Tractor Truck

Tractor truck is a kind of large-sized truck, whose head and body is pulled by a certain tool. Its head and body can be separated from each other and matched with other bodies or heads. The standard tractor truck is mainly used for trans-provincial long-distance transporting operations, while the heavy-duty tractor truck is suitable for overload operations. According to the connection type of tractor and tractor head, tractor trucks can be categorized as full tractor truck and semi trailer truck.As a professional tractor truck manufacturer in China.... Read More

Cargo truck

Cargo truck, generally called truck or lorry, is a type of vehicle mainly used to transport goods. Sometimes, it can also be used to refer to other vehicles. According to the weight of truck, cargo truck can be classified into heavy-duty truck and light-duty truck.The cargo truck is mainly used to transport small quantities of food, industrial goods for daily use, and other goods. Some are made into dual purpose vehicles. Due to high thermal efficiency, the diesel engine is adopted by heavy-duty... Read More

Concrete Mixer Truck

Concrete mixer truck is a vehicle specially used to transport concrete for construction purposes. All the concrete mixer trucks are equipped with a mixing drum which will keep mixing the concrete during transportation to prevent it from solidifying. Users should clean the interior of the mixing drum after use, because sclerous concrete will make the volume of the mixing drum smaller.The power take off produces motive power, which is passed to the hydraulic pump. The hydraulic energy produced by hydraulic pump is transmitted to the hydraulic motor.... Read More