There are two types of cab for HOWO cargo truck, which are HW76 lengthened type and HW79 top roof type. The engine power is 266PS, 290PS, 336PS, 375PS, or others. Compartment length is 5.0 to 9.6 meters.
The basic configuration for HW76-HOWO lengthened type cab is as follows.
1. Single sleeper
2. New style seat with backrest waist airbag and adjusting device for the middle and upper parts of the backrest
3. Steering wheel which can be adjusted upwards, downwards, forwards, and backwards
4. European new type of overall fan heater
5. German VDO instrument and electrical control module with huge LCD
6. Lateral stabilizing device
7. Four-point full floating suspension, front coil spring and rear imported air spring, plus damping device for road vehicle; four-point full floating spring suspension + damping device for off-road vehicles
8. Double-locking structure seat belts
9. External sun shade
Basic configuration of HW79-HOWO top roof cab includes dual sleeper, large storage box, vehicle fridge, and side wind guide covers which are installed in the outside of the cab and can effectively reduce the wind resistance. Other configurations are the same with those of the HW76.

Mass Parameters Total Weight (kg) 25000
Rated Weight (kg) 13820
Size Parameters Overall Dimensions (mm) Length 10350
Width 2496
Height 3215
Distance between Axles (mm) 4600+1350
Performance Parameters Max. Driving Speed (km/h) 102
Economic Speed (km/h) 60
Recommended Configuration Engine WD615 Series
Gearbox HW15710
Rear Axle HC16
Oil Tank (L) 400
Suspension (front/rear spring) 10/12
Tire 12.00-20

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