ZZ4257N3247 has similar overall structure with the cargo truck. It is composed of the engine, chassis, car body (cab), and electrical equipment. Nevertheless, since this vehicle has to drag a trailer, it has different requirements on some assemblies and parts.For the drive system of the tractor truck, fluid coupling and torque converter are installed between the clutch and the transmission to ensure stable and smooth start. As the heavy-duty vehicle has large driving force, two-level main reducer is often used. Two-speed main gear box and wheel reduction device are adopted by some products.ZZ4257N3247 is equiped with WD615 series engine,The engine power is from 336HP to 371Hp,Max. Driving Speed is 101 km/h, Gearbox is HW19712.

Mass Parameters Total Weight (kg) 25000
Rated Loading Weight (kg)
Size Parameters Overall Dimensions (mm) Length 6800
Width 2496
Height 3125
Distance between Axles (mm) 3225+1350
Performance Parameters Max. Driving Speed (km/h) 102
Economic Speed (km/h) 70
Recommended Configuration Engine WD615 Series
Gearbox HW19712CL
Rear Axle MCY13Q
Oil Tank (L) 400
Suspension (front/rear spring) 3/5
Tire 29.5/80R22.5

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