howo truck for sale

howo truck for sale
howo truck for sale

Our HOWO dump truck has the cab that is mainly classified as HW70 standard type and HW76 lengthened type. The engine power is 266PS, 290PS, 336PS, 375PS, or others. The compartment length is 4.8 to 8.5 meters. The artificially intelligent design is the most important form to demonstrate the competitive advantage of product technology and to safeguard the interests of customers. The HOWO heavy duty vehicle employs the Chinese-original artificially-intelligent technology, which has reached the international level. Our product is similar in appearance to the VOLVO heavy duty truck. Furthermore, it takes full advantage of the ergonomic principles.

1. High backrest with air bag can give effective support for the waist. The upper part of the backrest is adjustable, which can obviously relieve the fatigue of both shoulder and neck of the driver.

2. Multiple aspects of this HOWO dump truck can be well controlled, such as both water and oil temperature of engine, oil consumption and degree of combustion, electrical circuit of the vehicle, load of the intake and exhaust system, pressure state of the whole vehicle, and so on. All control parameters can be displayed in different symbols on the largest liquid crystal display (dashboard) of domestic commercial vehicles.

3. Our product can automatically detect faults and automatically store important operating data.

4. The reflection mirror of the HOWO dump truck is designed with reference to the most advanced foreign vehicle models. Electrically controlled operation and electric defrosting are available to choose. The large-field-of-view rear view mirror, right-side road mirror, and the front lower mirror enable the driver to fully grasp the driving environment.

5. The special door opening and closing mechanism, 90-degree maximum door opening angle,two side door handles, and two stainless steel non-slip pedals make it safer and more convenient to open the door and get on or off the vehicle.

6. The middle of the bumper is provided with a footboard that can be flipped, making it convenient to wipe the glass.

7. The reading lamp in the cab has proper lighting intensity and it adopts a multiposition layout, which brings much convenience to reading and working in the cab.



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