3 Axles Low Bed Semi Trailer

The 3 Axles Semi Low Bed Trailer is comprised of three parts. The front part is a gooseneck structure. At one end of the gooseneck is a kingpin, which needs to be inserted into the slot of the fifth wheel on the tractor unit. The other end of the gooseneck is connected to the trailer. The middle part is a sunken deck for loading goods. It is the lowest among the three parts. The rear part is an assembly of wheels and platform. Machinery is loaded onto the deck from the rear part of the semi ... Read More

2 Axles Low Bed Semi Trailer

The low bed semi trailer goes by many names. Lowboy, low loader, and float are just a few. The low bed semi trailer is so named because it has a load floor that is so close to ground. There are no rails installed around the four sides of the floor. Available with a large or small gooseneck feature, the trailer has an unlimited number of uses but is primarily employed in long-distance freight transport system to carry heavy equipment such as excavator, crane and road roller. Low bed design me... Read More