Main Structure and Operating Principle of Sinotruk oil tank semi trailer

We manufacture the semitrailer oil trucks that are used for transporting and filling light fuels such as gasoline, diesel and kerosene and, if necessary, for transporting and filling other noncorrosive liquids. The technical specifications of our semitrailer oil trucks all comply with the specifications of GB18564 and QC/T653.

A oil tank semi trailer mainly comprises the semitrailer chassis, tank body, manhole cover, pipeline system,static electricity conducting device, pipe header and safety guard; the trucks equipped with bottom loading system additionally have oil & gas recovery system, anti-overflow system and air circuit control system; some other types of trucks have guardrail. See Figure (1):

Main Structure and Operating Principle
Figure (1)

1 semitrailer chassis 2 tank body 3 manhole cover 4 side safety guard 5 pipeline system 6 anti-overflow system 7 pipe header 8 guardrail 9 oil & gas recovery system 10 ESD chain

This Instruction describes the main structure in two major parts: the superstructure and the semitrailer chassis.