12 Meter Cubic

1. The tank body can be divided into several compartments, for the purpose of loading different oil products.
2. The top of tank body is designed with the pneumatic guardrail, thereby making the operators safe.
3. Our fuel tanker truck contains the explosion-proof manhole cover, sea valve, oil vapor recovery, as well as the anti-overflow system. This can not only realize the sealed loading on its bottom, but also make our vehicle safe, fast, economical, and eco-friendly.
4. For achieving mobile refueling, this truck can be installed with the zero-return flow meter, the tax-control fuel dispenser, automatic reel, and the oil gun.
5. The optional level gauge and explosion-proof oil dipstick are also available.
6. The insulating layer of our fuel tanker truck adopts any material, such as glass wool, rock wool, or PU foam material. This truck can utilize the steam or the tail gas of engine for heating.
7. Selectable raw material of our tank body can be stainless steel, aluminum alloy, or some others.

Dimension(Lx W xH)(unloaded)(mm) 7768*2496*3200
Tank cubage(L) 12000
Approaching angle/Departure angle(°)(°) 31/31
Overhang(front/rear) (mm) 1578
Wheel base (mm) 4300
Max speed(km/h)(km/h) 75
Gross mass(kg) 1600
Rated capacity 7870
Engine(Steyr technology, made in China) Model 
  Fuel type     Diesel  
  Power, max(kw/rpm)功率 290hp/213kw
  Emission  EUROII
Fuel tanker capacity (L) 350L aluminum oil tank
Transmission  Model HW15710C
Brake system Service brake Dual circuit compressed air brake 
  Parking brake

spring energy, compressed 

air operating on rear wheels 

Steering system 方向机 Model     ZF8118
Front axle 前轴 STR
Rear axle 驱动轴 ST16
Tire 轮胎规格 1200-20
Electrical system Battery  2X12V/165Ah
  Alternator 28V-1500kw
    Starter  7.5Kw/24V

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