Oil Tank Trucks and Water Tank Trucks of CNHTC Enter the Cameroon market Hand in Hand with Great Momentum

Recently, the water tank truck and oil tank truck of CNHTC arrived in DOUALA and were delivered to two road companies of Cameroon, sounded a strong horn that the Chinese heavy truck oil tank truck and water tank truck products of CNHTC came into the Cameroon private truck market.

Two series products have reached the emission standard of Country II. The designing method, product design and assembly process, etc. all reflect the German standards. A large number of international top-level assembly parts are used, the collision index of the driving cab could reach Sweden standards. At the same time, the use of WD615 engine of CNHTC which characterizes low fuel consumption, light weight, liter power and high reliability. According to the designing experts, technical performance of CNHTC HOWO chassis is significantly better than the existing domestic equipment, reaching the world advanced level.

The “two brothers”, the water tank truck and oil tank truck, successfully entered the Cameroon market, putting up a flag of the special vehicles of CNHTC in the Cameroon market, and winning the subsequent orders.