Operating Procedure for Sinotruk concrete mixer truck

(see Figure 5 on the right for the operating markings) (revolving speed unit: r/min, indicating rotation turns per minute)

Operating Procedure for Sinotruk concrete mixer truck
Figure 5

1, Before the mixer truck starts to work, first check whether there is sufficient clean hydraulic oil inside the hydraulic oil tank, hydraulic pump and motor, whether there is sufficient gear oil inside the reducer,whether the water tank is filled with water, and whether there is sufficient lubricating grease at various lubricant positions.
2, Start the vehicle engine to operate for a while, and ensure that the air pressure of the vehicle is within the normal operating scope.
3, The mixing drum is in idle state when the control handle is placed at the “neutral gear”.

sinotruk concrete mixer truck
sinotruk concrete mixer truck

4, When everything is normal, move the control handle to “feeding” and “discharging” positions once respectively to make the mixing drum rotate forward and reverse for twice to three times at a low speed,and check whether the hydraulic drive system is in normal state.
5,Drive the vehicle to the underside of the feed hopper of the mixing station to align the feed hopper opening and the discharge hopper opening of the mixing station to prevent the concrete from flowing to the outside, resulting in waste and polluting vehicle body.
6,The mixing drum is in feeding agitating state when the control handle is moved to the “feeding” position,
with the speed of 5-10 r/min, and the mixing drum can be fed at the moment.
7,The control handle is moved to “agitating” position when the feed quantity reaches nominal mixing volume amount, and the agitating speed is 1-3 r/min at the moment.
8,When the truck goes up the slope with full load, the speed of the mixing drum shall be appropriately accelerated. Too large uphill and downhill angle will affect the driving safety of the truck, so the overlarge gradient shall be avoid as much as possible for the safety.
9,When the truck arrives at the discharge location, the discharge chute and the extended chute shall be turned to the position requiring discharge.
10,Before the discharge, the control handle shall be moved to the “feed” position and shall be pushed forward towards the “high-speed’ location so as to rapidly mix the concrete for 3 to 4 minutes at the speed of 12-16 r/min, making the concrete mixing more uniform.
11,Move the control handle to the “discharge” position and conduct discharge according the speed as required by the work site.
12,After each discharge, inside and outside of the mixing drum, feed hopper, discharge hopper and chute, etc. must be cleaned thoroughly to prevent the concrete from cementing on the components mentioned above.
13,The forward and reverse rotation control of the mixing drum can be achieved by moving the control handle inside the cab. (Notice that the handle shall be unlocked by counterclockwise rotating the handle before use)