Refrigerated Semi Trailer

Our refrigerated semi-trailer is large-sized special vehicle for the refrigerated transport of food. Having the volume capacity of 73m3, our reefer semi-trailer is applicable to the transport with long distance and large tonnage. We also provide consummate refrigerated transport services.
Our refrigerated semi-trailer’s weight approximately accounts for 60% of the container’s weight. Having better insulation effect than the container, it can also manage drop and pull transport.
The equipped soft clapboard on our refrigerator truck trailer can realize subdivision transport; the built-in duct on the top plate allows the cold air to blow to the rear via axial flow fan; while the axial flow fan installed on the soft clapboard can blow the air back to the front. Consequently, it can generate the forced convection and avoid poor circulation of cold air, which may be caused by the overlong truck body.

Name Refrigerated Semi-Trailer
External Dimension (L×W×H) (MM) 12,500
Outside Dimension of the Truck Body (L×W×H) (MM) 11,750
Inside Dimension of the Truck Body (L×W×H) (MM) 11,500
Volume of Truck Body (M³) 56.5
Payload Capacity (KG) 30T
Number of Tire 7
Tire Specification 385/65R22.5 Tri-Angel
Rim 11.75-22.5
Number of Axle 3-13T FUWA Axles
Mechanical Suspension Standard/8 Pieces
ABS Manufacturer Wabco
Landing Gear JOST A400
King-pin JOST 50# Assembled
Wheelbase (MM) 7,270+1,310+1,310
Track (MM) Front Track (MM)
Rear Track (MM) 1,830
Refrigeration Unit ULTRA XL (Carrier)

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