Container Semi Trailer

This container semi trailer refers to the car frame covered with a semi-trailer baseboard. The baseboard mostly adopts steel plate. Apart from carrying standard containers, this kind of vehicle can also be equipped with vertical shaft to load steel materials, wooden materials, awkward cargos, and some others. It provides such advantages as high service efficiency, wide applications, and strong adaptability, among others.... Read More

Low Bed Semi Trailer

Having no coaming in its loading part, the low bed semi-trailer is mainly applicable to the medium and long-distance transport. Having the web plate's height ranging from 400mm to 550mm, our low loader semi-trailer has the frame of cross beam structure and the stringer of straight type or gooseneck type. We adopt the automatic submerged arc welding to the stringer and shot blasting to the frame. Penetrated through the stringers, the beams are welded with the stringers as a whole.... Read More

Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer

This fuel tank semi trailer has a tank that contains multiple reinforced isolation panels. At the bottom of isolation panel, there are some through holes, which help reduce the impact from fuel in a tank, and also improve the strength of tank body.The opening of combination tank is placed on the top of tank body. On its big cover, there is a self-locking small cover, and this big cover is mounted with a breather valve. In this way, the atmospheric pressure of internal tank is consistent with that of external tank.... Read More

Skeletal Semi Trailer

The skeleton trailer is specially designed to carry various cargo containers. You can choose to use your road trailer to transport one 20inch, 40inch or 45inch container, or two 20inch containers at one time. The only difference that your choice makes is the number of locks required for specific transportation applications.The main beam is a welded structure that has been sent through submerged arc welding process.The whole bodywork is shot-peened to receive an anti-corrosive coat..... Read More

Dump Semi Trailer

The Dump Semi Trailer has a dumping box that allows loose materials to be dumped from the side. It is often used to efficiently transport sands, small stones, and other building materials,High-strength, cold-rolled plates are used to construct the dumping box, resulting in light weight. The plates have been through pickling and benderizing to improve the adhesion of painting to the plate surface.The trailer main beam and the longitudinal beam of the dumping box have been sent through submer... Read More

Refrigerated Semi Trailer

Our refrigerated semi-trailer is large-sized special vehicle for the refrigerated transport of food. Having the volume capacity of 73m3, our reefer semi-trailer is applicable to the transport with long distance and large tonnage. We also provide consummate refrigerated transport services.Our refrigerated semi-trailer’s weight approximately accounts for 60% of the container’s weight. Having better insulation effect than the container, it can also manage drop and pull transport.... Read More

Stake Semi Trailer

The stake bed semi trailer generally has a flat bled enclosed by fence-like exterior,also called livestock semi trailers,semi livestock trailer,livestock tractor trailer, It is widely used to transport animals, steel coils, coals, and other light puffy cargoes.The fence-like structure and bodywork of our semi trailer are properly designed to suit the kind of goods to be transported. In design of this stake bed trailer, we take special care to reduce its weight while ensuring the load capacity is up to the standard. The simplified design allows easy disassembly. It also reduces production costs, thus passing on more savings to customers.... Read More

Timber Semi Trailer

The timber transport semi trailer is specially designed for long-distance transportation of timber to and from mountain areas or forests. This timber transportation vehicle is commonly seen in Russia and Southeast Asia. 12×12 or 14×14 steel channel are used as posts that are placed on both sides of the trailer. Upon your request, we can extend the posts to deliver greater safety.Main parts of our timber transport trailer are machined by advanced equipment. The vertical beam is a welded structure produced by using... Read More

Cargo Semi Trailer

The cargo semi trailer has fence-like steel walls surrounding it on all four sides. The primary use of our drop sider is in the medium- and long-distance on-road transportation of heavy bulk materials. Upon your request, we can add more twist locks to containers as well as removable posts to the trailer.Main parts of our drop side trailer are machined by advanced equipment.... Read More

Cement Tanker Semi Trailer

he bulk cement semi trailer, also known as powder material truck, is suitable for the bulk transport of cement, coal ash, lime powder, mineral powder, caustic soda, and other dry powder materials with the particle diameter no more than 0.1mm. Capable of saving a lot of packaging materials and handling labor, it is mainly used in cement factories, cement warehouses, and large construction sites. The tank of the bulk cement semi trailer mainly consists of barrel, fluidized bed, discharge pipe assembly, intake pipe... Read More

Car Carrier Semi Trailer

Our car-carrying semi-trailer adopts the frame type or box type structure welded by rectangular steel tubes. Single row or double row is optional.Our product uses the imported high-strength steel. It is light in weight, beautiful in appearance, easy to operate, and safe to use. It adopts unique lifting system, withdrawing structure, and suspension system, and its main components are from well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers.... Read More

LPG Tank Semi Trailer

Standard GB4732-1995 Steel pressure vessels GB/T19905-2005 Liquefied gas truck Pressure vessel safety technology and inspection procedures Tanker Essential Information Dimensions(length*width*height) 13000×2500×3990(MM) Estimated Tare Weight 15275KG Payload 24725KG Total Weight 40000KG Shell Of Tanker Products LPG Fluidproperty flammable Design temperature 50°C Design pressure 1.95MPa Corrosion allowance 1.0mm Major materials of bearing pressure Tanker body : Q370R […]... Read More

Sidelifter Container Trailer

Tare weight Approx 12,410 kg Gross weight Approx 48,000kg Overall Dimension 11984(Length) x 2496mm (Width) x 3990 (Height) mm Driving type 8×4 Cab HW76 flat floor , with one sleeper,safely belts for driver and co-drivers seat Engine 336HP, Euro 2, emission standard ,injector pump mechanial diedsel engine, 8 cylinders in-line, 4 strokes Transmission HW15710, 10 […]... Read More