HOWO 4×2 Sewer Vacuum Truck

Our sewer vacuum truck utilizes Gold Prince, Huanghe Commander, or other types of chassis, which is made by China Sinotruk. The configuration includes the aluminum alloy fuel tank, and the MANL200 truck cab imported from Germany. In China, this product has reached the highest level for safety, economy, and comfort.
The vacuum pump takes advantage of the domestic famous brand or the imported brand with original packaging, thus providing great suction force and high degree of vacuum.
Double-side sand blasting technology allows both oxide coating and rust to be removed from the steel plate of tank body. Furthermore, it helps eliminate the stress of steel materials and also improve the adhesive force of paint film. Accordingly, the quality of both vehicle welding and paint spraying can be made superior.

Chassis Model ZZ1164G4715C1 Steering ZF8098
Engine Brand  SINOTRUK Gross Weight 21000KG
YC6J190-30   EUROⅡ Dead Weight 6805KG
Maximum Output 190HP Tyres 10.00-20 18PR
Rated engine power 6500/140 Cab HOWO76 SINGLE BED

  Sewage suction truck installs force taking device, transmission shaft, vacuum pump, pressure tank, 

hydraulic parts, pipe network system,  and equipped with a vacuum pressure gauge,dung window (pipe) device.

9meter long 360 degree swivel suction tube,Hangzhou Weilong vacuum 

double pump,model:68/7000,with the anti overflow valve, oil and gas separator, moisture separator, four

way valve.Tank head is 6mm,body size: length 7080mm* macro axis 2400 mm* minor axis1620 mm,four partition boards,

turtle heads,rear head with a 6 Inch disc valve excrement outlet.

Overall Dimension(mm) 8300X2490X3400

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