SINOTRUK HOHAN brand in Lianyungang station signing 77 units

August 19, SINOTRUK HOHAN tasting meeting walk into the Lianyungang station and give the majority of users and partners with the Northern Area a high-end tasting trip. This business meeting see “One Belt and One Road”( the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road)and “Build ‘blue sky” as the theme. The leadship of Lianyungang city and logistics associations, distributor representative, more than 260 people come to the event signing 77 units.
This exhibition of HoHan is sinotruk in order to meet the Lianyungang area “One Belt and One Road” Construction and replace the substandard truck out of work requirements, After the full research to understand local market conditions, heavy trucks working environment, and comstom requirement, tailor-made for local users, with a high cost-effective products. It is to meet the new regulations and policies as well as the best-selling domestic truck market requirment and after the user test a new commercial vehicle.

SINOTRUK HOHAN brand in Lianyungang station  signing 77 units
The deputy General Manager of SINOTRUK Sales department Li Hongwei.delivered a speech ,the leadership of Lianyungang city Zuo jun visit SINOTRUK combined with practical experience heavy truck。He give a high evaluation to HOHAN of SINOTRUK, especially to business logistics and transport recommended to SINOTRUK brand.

SINOTRUK HOHAN brand in Lianyungang station  signing 77 units
There’s ten units beautiful truck in the exhibition site, Rainwater could not withstand the enthusiasm of users test drive, The visit guests in exhibiton frequently to ask about configuration.
One the meeting SINOTRUK sign 13 units tractor with Lianyungang Wanguo Logistics co.,ltd,and send truck model to the the top three users, Awards for the advise leader of custom ,Luzhan,Yangcheng,Yan tinggang,Chaibaohong etc.