3 Axles Skeletal Semi Trailer

The frame of the 3 Axles Skeletal Semi Trailer adopts a penetrate-beam structure. Its side member is made of high-intensity manganese steel, which is welded to H pattern and has an automatically submerged arc. Our skeleton trailer may have 2 axles and or 3 axles, and can load containers of 20 feet or 40 feet (international standards). The whole machine has an elegant appearance and sturdy structure.... Read More

2 Axles Skeletal Semi Trailer

2 Axles Skeletal Semi Trailer is specially designed to carry various cargo containers. You can choose to use your road trailer to transport one 20inch, 40inch or 45inch container, or two 20inch containers at one time. The only difference that your choice makes is the number of locks required for specific transportation applications.The main beam is a welded structure that has been sent through submerged arc welding process. The whole bodywork is shot-peened to receive an anti-corrosive coat. All... Read More