Water Tank Truck

Water tank truck puts to use various types of chassis that are produced by China Sinotruk, such as Gold Prince, Huanghe Commander, and some others. It is configured with the aluminum alloy fuel tank as well as the MANL200 truck cab imported from Germany. Its safety, economical efficiency, and comfort performance have reached the best level in China. The water pump comes from the domestic famous brand, featuring great pressure, long range, and high reliability..... Read More

Fuel Tanker Truck

Our fuel tanker truck adopts the chassis of such series as HOWO and Steyr King, which is made by China Sinotruk. The chassis offers great security, comfort, and high economical efficiencyMoreover, the fuel tanker truck is unique in its tank body. Thanks to the double-side sand blasting technology, both oxide coating and rust can be removed from the steel plate of tank body. Also, the stress of steel materials is eliminated, and the adhesive force of paint film is obviously enhanced..... Read More

Mining Dump Truck

The Mining dump truck, Mine Overlord, is developed by Sinotruk according to the features of the working conditions in the mines. It is suitable for the short-distance transport business in various wharves, steel mills, open pits, hydropower sites, and other places with harsh environment. The Mine Overlord adopts a cab with high strength framework covered with protective materials. The cab is set with one side door. A high-power diesel engine is used. The heating device adopted makes it ... Read More

Truck Mounted Crane

A truck mounted crane is also known as a truck with loading crane, or a truck-mounted crane. This product is a kind of equipment which depends on the hydraulic lifting and retractable system to lift and turn the cargos. It is generally mounted to the cargo truck.The truck gives wide applications in all kinds of handling, installation, and lifting operations. It is particularly ideal for the field lifting operation, rescue operation, as well as the narrow space operations, such as stations, ports, warehouses.... Read More

Garbage Truck

Garbage Truck,also named as garbage compactor truck, trash garbage compactor truck, refuse compactor truck, Currently the garbage compression truck introduced the latest Japanese KYOKUTO technique designing. With arc container, exert more concise performed and good appearance.Material applied with high anti-wear metal, long lasting. The Garbage Truck with self-lock and security stick is used to protect loading organ, safe and stable. Great capacity of sewage ... Read More

Sewer Vacuum Truck

Our sewer vacuum truck utilizes Gold Prince, Huanghe Commander, or other types of chassis, which is made by China Sinotruk. The configuration includes the aluminum alloy fuel tank, and the MANL200 truck cab imported from Germany. In China, this product has reached the highest level for safety, economy, and comfort.The vacuum pump takes advantage of the domestic famous brand or the imported brand with original packaging, thus providing great suction force and high degree of vacuum..... Read More

All Wheel Drive Truck

This All Wheel Drive Truck is developed by our company, in use of the world's advanced automotive technology as well as the reliable assembly components.Our all wheel drive truck is provided with China Sinotruk WD615 Euro-Ⅲ Turbocharged water-cooled diesel engine. In accordance with customer requirement, the Euro-Ⅱ engine is also available. This AWD truck falls into transportation series and dump series. The passive safety performance of our truck cab reaches the internationally advanced level.... Read More