25 Meter Cubic

25 Meter Cubic oil tank trucks are also composed of the oil pipe, tank, oil pump, power system, operating system, hose container, pipe network facilities mounted on the chassis. Like a moving pumping ... Read More

20 Meter Cubic (All Wheel Drive)

20 Meter Cubic (All Wheel Drive) fuel tanker truck is special engineering machinery that used to storage and transfer of dangerous goods from 4000 litres up to 10,000 litres. A diesel fuel tanker is a... Read More

20 Meter Cubic

20 Meter Cubic fuel tank truck or refueller or fuel tanker is mainly suitable for transportation and storage of petroleum derivatives which include gasoline, diesel oil, crude oil, lubrication oil coa... Read More

12 Meter Cubic

The tank body can be divided into several compartments, for the purpose of loading different oil products.The top of tank body is designed with the pneumatic guardrail, thereby making the operators sa... Read More

10 Meter Cubic

10 Meter Cubic fuel tanker truck is unique in its tank body. Thanks to the double-side sand blasting technology, both oxide coating and rust can be removed from the steel plate of tank body. Also, the... Read More