HW10 Heavy Duty Auto Transmission

Our HW10 series heavy duty auto transmission features strong load-bearing capacity, compact structure, light weight, and high reliability. Its main box is designed with dual countershaft structure, an... Read More

Car Carrier Semi Trailer

Our car-carrying semi-trailer adopts the frame type or box type structure welded by rectangular steel tubes. Single row or double row is optional.Our product uses the imported high-strength steel. It ... Read More

Cement Tanker Semi Trailer

The bulk cement semi trailer, also known as powder material truck, is suitable for the bulk transport of cement, coal ash, lime powder, mineral powder, caustic soda, and other dry powder materials wit... Read More

Cargo Semi Trailer

Having side rail in the loading part, our cargo semi-trailer has excellent applicability. Being the best special purpose vehicle for medium and long-distance transport, our cargo semi-trailer can be w... Read More

Timber Semi Trailer

The timber transport semi trailer is specially designed for long-distance transportation of timber to and from mountain areas or forests. This timber transportation vehicle is commonly seen in Russia ... Read More

Stake Semi Trailer

The stake bed semi trailer generally has a flat bled enclosed by fence-like exterior,also called livestock semi trailers,semi livestock trailer,livestock tractor trailer, It is widely used to transpor... Read More

Refrigerated Semi Trailer

Our refrigerated semi-trailer is large-sized special vehicle for the refrigerated transport of food. Having the volume capacity of 73m3, our reefer semi-trailer is applicable to the transpo... Read More