Technical characteristics for compression garbage truck made in Sinotruk

“Sinotruk” brand compression garbage truck body have frame structured and Truck body bucket and arcing frame structured,shape beautiful,strong rigidity,long working life.According to the volume is divided into 6㎥、8㎥、10㎥、12㎥、14㎥、16㎥、18㎥、20㎥、22㎥、25㎥.


compression garbage truck
After optimal design,under the condition of meet well shapes,reasonable weight,longer working life requirements,Qingzhuan brand carriage precompressor have square frame structured and frame structured.


material for compression garbage truck
Comepression garbage truck material is import for truck´s performance and working life.We adopt T520 high-strength seamless steel.Hardness,wear resistance far exceeds 16Mn.

Precompressor rail

rail for garbage truck
Rail is one of the main parts of precompressor ,precision machining rail and high-strength nylon slide constitute the most advanced skateboarding,its advantage is:rail have good rigidity,high strength,slide contacting surface can reach more,make slide running stable.

Sewage sealing and storage

Sewage sealing and storage for garbage truck
The joint of precompressor and carriage locked automatically by hydraulic,there are three joints from carriage rear-frame top point to rear-frame bottom,Qingzhuan brand compression garbage truck with special sealing strip,and after back bucket close to body bucket.lucked automatically by hydraulic, compress the sealing,sealing compression is 6-8 mm,ensure all sewage closed in the leakage due to transit,driving,parking.This function is reliable and effective,the technology have been to leading level in China,and got national patent already.
There is one closed rear sewage tank under precompressor,and another big volume sewage tank is under body bucket,can storage sewage and avoid leakage.In addition,loading entrance rear plate front and body bucket bottom become one closed container,can collect sewage,increases the waterproof storage directly.

Advanced and reliable hydraulic system

hydraulic system for garbage truck
“Sinotruk” compressed hydraulic system use European popular type-double pump and double oil-way,consists with amphibious multi-way valve which are pneumatic-electronic control and manul operation control,and special cartridge valve blocks,with two-way compression function.
The valve is imported from Europe,alloy cast iron,the surface of spool treat with nitrogen,has a stable reversing,motor-driven and manual operation,it´s function is advanced.

Convenient and efficient control system

control system for garbage truck
Motor-driven and manual operation is convenient and efficient.
When the body is working,the engine has synchronous acceleration,productivity and oil-saving effect are all obvious.

Optional various mechanical turn-over device

mechanical turn-over device for garbage truck
In order to adapt to the different needs of users, “Qingzhuan”compressed garbage truck has various kinds of rubbish bin lifters,fill seal cover.
Various kinds of rubbish bin lifters can be used with various standard rubbish bin,nonstandard rubbish bin,and utility cart,flip agencies can be made into dustpan hopper forms.

Safety device

Safety device for garbage truck
Filling machine pole can support the rising filling device in the air and prevent accidental fall.
The loading device is configured in the lifting oil cylinder explosion-proof valve,in case of lifting cylinder tubing bursting into falling accident.
There are scram buttons on both sides of vehicle loading,they will stop loading action when accident happen,to reduce the extent of the injury accident.
There is overload protection valve in hydraulic system,if the scraper blade meet big resistance,the overload protection valve will open to avoid obstacles,in order to prevent the occurrence of mechanical damage.