The Order of SINOTRUK African Department Reach 10,000 Sets

The Order of SINOTRUK African Department Reach 10,000 Sets
The Order of SINOTRUK African Department Reach 10,000 Sets

After vehicles sales breakthrough of 10,000 sets in 2014, self-motivated and hard-working, the African department of Sinotruk (Hong Kong) Co., LTD., realized the order of 10,000 sets four months in advance in 2015, up 36% from a year earlier, the self-run rate also reaching a record 82%. The African market has been deeply developed and effectively promoted.

At the beginning of 2015, ebola haemorrhagic fever outbreak that originated in Guinea across Africa planted the seeds of chaos shook the African economy, some mining and agricultural projects stopped abruptly. During the same period, the serious decline of the crude oil prices, which play a decisive role in earning foreign exchange through exports for African countries, lead to large foreign exchange shortage in Africa, including Nigeria, South Africa, Angola and other economic powers as well as the Sinotruk traditional customers. The commercial vehicle market demand and the sales growth has greatly shrunk.

In the face of the serious situation of international and domestic markets, the Africa department actively explores innovative marketing model combining the reality of the market by adhering to the “Action Plan of Innovation and Upgrade ” on the basis of “three nets” construction, centering on KD factory construction. For most African countries, foreign exchange and the L/C are not in a timely manner, Africa department actively communicate with customers and give full play to the customers’ various potential, taking a variety of compound ways to solve the problem of foreign exchange and capital channel, greatly shortening the order period and increasing the order quantity. In addition, taking advantage of important port logistics within the market area, cooperation with the dealer with innovative financial marketing methods and the rational allocation of resources, fast turnaround of orders are realized. And by expanding its influence on the surrounding countries, the sales of the vehicle are finally promoted.

Based on the superiority of the NO.1 product series and varieties, the Africa department continue promoting the category marketing network on the basis of in-depth market investigation while combining the different needs of the overseas market. By selecting and positioning the dealers based on different countries and areas, enriching the varieties of products launched to the market, the Africa department has met different demands of Sinotruk customers, at the same time, avoiding the internal friction and the vicious competition between distributors to a large extent. The interest of the dealers and Sinotruk group are maintained while the sales volume and market space are expanded.

According to the characteristics of some countries, “quick logistics” way is adopted to achieve the timely supply of accessories, ensuring the after-sale services of the vehicles; In some areas, central accessories warehouse is built to cooperate with the construction of KD line. So the African market is fully covered by the accessories network, strongly supporting the sales work.

Combined with African national circumstances and level of development of different heavy truck industry characteristics, in recent years, on the basis of developing the network construction, the African department has developed a targeted strategy to develop different markets at this stage. For the advantageous market, through the development of new distributors in many ways as well as good support and management to the existing ones, the marketing network system is constantly consolidated and the market coverage is expanded continuously; To the key markets for large customers, the workers strive to maintain the relationship with them, further exploring the depth of cooperation for building a strong basis for bilateral cooperation; For the moderate developed market, they continue to intensify the network construction, doing good spare parts and service support; For the underdeveloped market, responsibility contract is signed, by setting contract award, innovation assessment mechanism to encourage special marketing activities, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of staff and promote market development. Achieving that the sales amount in the first eight months increased by 45%.

Behind the gorgeous achievement is the sweat and sacrifice of the salesmen. Bitter working environment in Africa, from the living conditions to the working conditions created the “African” spirit—-fear neither hardship nor fatigue of all the workers in the Africa department, from salesmen to the general representatives. They believe: selling cars is practice, hardship is growing.

Give Deepest Wish and Appreciation to the African Department!