14 Meter Cubic

The 14 Meter Cubic transit mixer truck adopts the imported concrete mixer technology. It has features of uniform mixing, fast discharge, low residual rate, etc. The maxing tank is made of special wear-resistant alloy steel. All mixing blades are formed by mold pressing, ensuing accurate helix angle and helix pitch and realizing three-dimensional stirring.
It integrates the advantages of similar domestic and foreign products of different brands. It is further optimized. The whole mixing tank is pear-shaped. The diameter and length of each section are reasonably designed so as to realize the largest vehicle space utilization and reasonable layout of the location of the center of gravity. All hydraulic components are imported.

Mass Parameters Total Weight (kg) 31000
Volume (Meter Cubic) 14
Size Parameters Overall Dimensions (mm) Length 10150
Width 2496
Height 3900
Distance between Axles (mm) 1800+3200+1350
Performance Parameters Max. Driving Speed (km/h) 78
Economic Speed (km/h) 60
Recommended Configuration Engine WD615 Series
Gearbox HW19710
Rear Axle HC16
Oil Tank (L) 300
Suspension (front/rear spring) 10/12
Tire 12.00-20

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