30 Meter Cubic

30 Cubic Meter Water tank truck, basically, consists of antirust carton, communicating vessel, dedicated self priming water pump, pipe network, spray nozzle, work platform, class II chassis. GPS, gimbaled nozzle, solenoid valve, pneumatic valve are optional. You also can choose visual operating system, external power, etc. for additional configuration. This multi-purpose water truck has an important role to play in protecting our environment, is ideally suitable for greening projects in facto... Read More

25 Meter Cubic

25 Meter Cubic water tank truck can be selectively equipped with the engine-driven spraying system, independent petrol engine spraying system, and some others. The cab roof is provided with long row type round warning lights, as well as alarming apparatus. The back of tank body has the arrow indicator, which makes the caution more attractive. Both sides of the tank body are installed with three-part spray guns, which provide such functions as side impact, cleaning, and some others. The... Read More

20 Meter Cubic

The steel plate of 20 Meter Cubic Water Tank Truck absorbs the double-side sand blasting technology, which can get rid of the oxide coating, rust, the stress of steel materials, and some others. Additionally, the adhesive force of paint film is enhanced. Then, exceptional quality of both vehicle welding and paint spraying can be achieved. Thanks to the adoption of stoving varnish technique, the paint on surface of tank body can possess high brightness and nice appearance. The interior tank body... Read More

10 Meter Cubic

10 Meter Cubic water tank truck is made by adopting an automatic assembly line including charging, jointed panel automatic welding, seal head spin forming, and other advanced tank production technologies. In general, the tank is made of high-quality carbon steel plate. If required, we can also use SUS 304 stainless steel.10 Meter Cubic water tank truck has the following components: anti-corrosive tank, communicating vessels, dedicated self priming spray pump, pipe network, spraying exit, working... Read More