30 Meter Cubic

30 Cubic Meter Water tank truck, basically, consists of antirust carton, communicating vessel, dedicated self priming water pump, pipe network, spray nozzle, work platform, class II chassis. GPS, gimbaled nozzle, solenoid valve, pneumatic valve are optional. You also can choose visual operating system, external power, etc. for additional configuration.

This multi-purpose water truck has an important role to play in protecting our environment, is ideally suitable for greening projects in factories of urban community. It comes with the most advanced super power water pump, tangential spray, deluge gun installed on the work platform, suction pipe, fire hose couplings and artesian water. And the deluge gun can simulate many kinds of rain include heavy rain, moderate rain, light rain, even drizzle. Additionally, you can choose 20 meters reel plate for pesticide-spraying, working aloft for additional configuration.

Item Technical parameters
chassis models ZZ1317M4669W
chassis label 11900×2496×3025
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)    mm 8350×2260×1350
Overall dimensions of tank (length x width x height)  mm 1800+4600+1350,1800+4575+1400
wheelbase mm 2022,2041/2022,2041/ 1830
Wheel base before/after mm 11.00-20,12.00-20
chassis manufacturer Sinotruk group jinan truck co., LTD
The chassis manufacturer WD615.92E,WD615.93E,WD615.97E
Engine type 196,213,221
The engine manufacturer China national heavy duty truck group co., LTD
Suspension before/after the suspension  mm 1500/2650,1500/2625
Approach Angle/Angle of departure 13/15
Top speed km/h 90,102
Maximum total quality   kg 31000
Curb weight kg 15200
The rated load quality kg 15670
Effective volume of tank   m3 30
Operating speed  km/h 5~10
Water pump model 80QSB-60/90
traffic   m3/h 60
Width of the sprinkler    m ≥14~18
Anti-aircraft gun range    m ≥26

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