10 Meter Cubic

10 Meter Cubic water tank truck is made by adopting an automatic assembly line including charging, jointed panel automatic welding, seal head spin forming, and other advanced tank production technologies. In general, the tank is made of high-quality carbon steel plate. If required, we can also use SUS 304 stainless steel.10 Meter Cubic water tank truck has the following components: anti-corrosive tank, communicating vessels, dedicated self priming spray pump, pipe network, spraying exit, working platform, chassis, etc.
The water tank truck adopts a high-quality water spraying pump, which is of high-power. Water can be sprayed from the front, back and both sides.It is equipped with a suction pipe, fire fighting joint, and automatic flow valve, etc. Rear working platform is fitted with spraying pipe and the water sprayed out can be of heavy sprinkle, moderate sprinkle, drizzle, fog, among other options.

Item Technical parameters
chassis models ZZ1164G4715C1
chassis label The yellow card (jong)
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)    mm 8260 * 2496 * 2940
Overall dimensions of tank (length x width x height)  mm 5000×2160×1440
wheelbase mm 4700
mm 2020/1850,1860
chassis manufacturer 10.00-20,10.00R20
The chassis manufacturer Sinotruk group jinan commercial vehicle co., LTD
Engine type YC6J190-30
The most powerful   kw 140
  mm 1250/2310
Approach Angle/Angle of departure 19/15
Top speed km/h 99
Maximum total quality   kg 15930
Curb weight kg 7600
The rated load quality kg 8200
Effective volume of tank   m3 10
Operating speed  km/h 5~10
Water pump model 80QSB-60/90
traffic   m3/h 60
Width of the sprinkler    m ≥14~18
Anti-aircraft gun range    m ≥26

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